Oronoque Country Club is unique for many reasons. We have no men’s or women’s organizations. We simply have a Member’s Golf Association (MGA). Every MGA scramble are made up of mixed teams with at least one woman per team. There is no separation of women or men with regard to tee times, events or club accessibility.

  • In order to participate in any MGA sanctioned event, you must have paid the yearly fee ($150 per player) prior to the event. If you choose not to become a member of the MGA, you may still keep your handicap for a yet to be determined fee.
  • In order to play in the first major event of the season you must post 5 scores prior to the tournament. You must post 10 scores to be eligible to play the balance of the major events.
  • If a player cannot commit to playing an entire major event (Member/Member and President’s Cup), the player may not sign up. If a player signs up and does not play all the scheduled rounds at the scheduled times, the player shall be disqualified from that event the following year. No exceptions.
  • The maximum handicap for all major events shall be 36 for Men and Women.
  • In the event that a player/team competes in a flight/event from a different tee than the majority of players/teams, an adjustment based on Rule 3-5 of the USGA Handicap System manual shall be in effect (handicaps will be adjusted based on the course rating difference of the two sets of tees being played).
  • In the event of a playoff for any major tournament, the tournament pairing will have the right of way over regular play.
  • Deadlines for all events, except the Men’s 3-Day Member/Guest, will be 3 days prior to the event. This will be done in order to allow for proper posting and notification of tee times and pairings.  After the deadline, sign-ups will be accepted on an availability basis only. 


  • Hole-In-One Club: Anyone interested in becoming a member of this club may sign up in the Golf Shop. Anyone in this club who registers a hole-in-one will be awarded $300 which may be spent in Traditions to offset your tab, the Golf Shop or you may split it between the two however you feel. Approved by the Board of Governors: In 2009, all members will be notified and their account will be charged $5 when the first hole-in-one occurs. Anyone wishing to opt out may contact the Golf Shop. This is separate from the MGA and allows all members to participate.
  • The 2008 Men’s, Women’s and Senior Club Champions will be allowed to forego qualifying and will be seeded #1.
  • A separate qualifier will be held to determine the District Team (Saturday, August 22).