About the Course

Oronoque Country Club is a true golf club in every way. If you prefer 4 hour rounds of golf as a rule and not the exception, appreciate great playing conditions with smooth and fast greens, if you look forward to meeting others who enjoy golf as their number one athletic activity, Oronoque Country Club is the perfect choice for you.

Guest Fees
Weekday Guest Fee: $60 
Weekend Guest Fee: $70 
  • Members of Oronoque Country Club may entertain up to 3 guests Tuesday-Thursday and after 12:00PM Friday-Sunday and holidays.   Members may only bring 1 guest prior to 12:00PM Friday-Sunday and holidays.  If bringing more than 3 guests, a member must be playing in each group.
  • All guests must be registered with the Golf Pro Shop prior to playing.
  • It is the Member’s responsibility to ensure their guests about pace of play, dress code and etiquette at Oronoque.


  • The same guest may only play twice per calendar month.
  • Guests may only play when accompanied by a member. Special consideration may be granted for a house guest. Contact the Head Professional of General Manager.
  • Social Members may play golf 4 times per season, once per quarter and must pay the associated guest fee. Social members may not play as a guest in a Member-Guest or other tournament.
  • Only 1 guest may play, per member, before 12:00 Noon on weekends and Holidays.

(Please click here to review the full Golf Rules and Regulations.)

Replacement Spikes

You can get your spikes on your golf shoes changed for $.50 each + tax. Normally this service costs around $11.00 per pair. It is customary to tip the locker room attendant five dollars for this service as this process can be quite time consuming and extensive if your spikes are stuck.

Women can access the spike replacement and shoe shine service through the service window in the hallway, to the left of the handicap computer. Please make sure that you put a slip of paper in your shoes with your name on them so anyone can get them for you if Logan is not readily available.



Shoe Shines

Shoe shines are a service provided by our Locker Room Attendant.  He must purchase the supplies and equipment to keep your shoes looking like new.  It is customary to tip the locker room attendant a minimum of $5 per pair of shoes polished. This way he can maintain the supplies needed to polish shoes and keep your shoes in tip top condition.

Shoe laces for most brands are available in the golf shop. Programs to clean and polish your shoes every time you play, including your dress shoes, are available, please see the Locker Room Attendant for details.

Clean towels, shampoo, lotion, hair spray, soap and other amenities will be supplied for you in the locker rooms. If you maintain a locker, we will supply you with a name tag and a key for your locker. If you lose a key and must replace it, there is a $5 charge per key.

 If you have any questions about these services, please contact
Dustin Haddad, Head Golf Professional
Logan Bromwel, Locker Room Attendant.

Bag Storage

If you store your clubs in the club storage, a bag tag with your name and bag location will be provided to you at no charge. When you store your clubs, your clubs will be taken out when you come to play and put away and cleaned when you are done. It is customary to tip the bag room attendants if you feel they are providing exceptional service in this area. This Bag service will run from April 1st through October 31st. You may leave your clubs here after that date but we are not responsible for any personal items left in your bag.

If you plan to have guests, please inform the Locker Room Attendant if you will not be available when your guest(s) arrive. He will open your locker and make it available to them upon your request.