1. USGA Rules govern all play except where modified by Local Rules.
  2. White stakes, painted white lines/hash marks and all fences, of any type, bordering the golf course define out of bounds.
  3. All water hazards are lateral (red stakes).
  4. Drop areas on the 3rd and 17th holes may be used for balls hit into the water hazards.
  5. The embedded ball rule is in effect through the green.
  6. Free relief may be taken from the drainage area to the right of the 5th fairway. Drop at nearest point, one club length, no nearer the hole.
  7. The entire wooded area on the right side of the 9th hole is a lateral hazard (red stakes). Beyond the wooded area (parking lot) is out of bounds. There must be overwhelming evidence a ball is in the hazard or it must be treated as lost or out of bounds (stroke and distance penalty).
  8. All paved roads and parking lots are considered out of bounds. A ball crossing a road or parking lot area and coming to rest on the golf course is deemed to be out of bounds.
  9. Immovable obstructions: Rule24-2 applies, Statute and plaque right green side at 16th green, Concrete pad and patio right side of 9th hole
  10. In the interest of safety, rocks and pebbles may be removed from all bunkers (sand traps).
  11. Plugged fairways (ball in plug hole) are an abnormal ground condition (Rule 25 applies).